The Coldest Rain – Diecast

[Verse I]
Alone again
Haunted by all your shadows
And memories
Coldest rain
Hides emotions that are pouring
From me to you

Crazy again
Forced to face all truth
And exist
And exist

[Chorus (2x):]
All you had to say
Was you want me to
Leave this life
Leave this life
And I be gone

[Verse II]
The torturing
That I put myself through within
t end
Dying within
Cracking up, breaking down
Down to nothing

[Chorus (2x):]

[Verse III]
Oh, oh, oh
I carry on alone
Knowing that my dignity is strong
If I catch it all away
d still be mine today
But inside Id be hollow

[Chorus (2x):]

[Verse IV]
Then you walked away
With nothing more to say
I never felt this helpless
This helpless
You couldnt carry on
I guess you had enough
You made your choice
You made your choice
And now you fade away

The coldest rain
Hides emotions that are pouring
From me to you

Das ist bei mir derzeit der meist gehörte Song der so ziehmlich das ausdrückt was ich derzeit fühle.

30.1.08 21:24

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